Senator Pat Spearman on Equality,Diversity, and Change For The Future Of North Las Vegas

by | Oct 5, 2022

Often, we associate Las Vegas with Sin City. We think of vices, riches, and pure exhilarating fun that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s no wonder everyone goes back for more adventure any day of the year.

North Las Vegas is the most diverse city in the state of Nevada. However, Las Vegas is entirely independent of North Las Vegas despite having the same name. Their values, people, and lifestyles are much different from each other.

In the heart of this diversity lies a very empowering woman whose advocacies and vision for the remarkable city have propelled her to join the mayoral race in hopes of improving its quality of life.

For Senator Pat Spearman, nothing has to be sacrificed to pave the way for greatness but to work smarter and more effectively with what is given. Everyone gets a chance at a job they aspire to be and are qualified for or even where anyone can voice their opinions without remorse.

With that, we wanted to look closely at the acclaimed candidate, from Senator Spearman’s fighter-like aura to her plans for North Las Vegas.

Question: Most of us know Las Vegas from the strip and Las Vegas proper. I think it’s possible that plenty of people don’t know that North Las Vegas is separate from Las Vegas. Can you tell us the difference between North Las Vegas and Las Vegas?

Senator Spearman: North Las Vegas is independent of Las Vegas, far from those who support the strip. Many people who reside in North Las Vegas in the morning drive south to the strip to work as the strip is dependent on them to keep it operating and functioning. But at the end of the day, they drive back north after.

I’d say that North Las Vegas is a vibrant city. Lots of honest citizens are members of labor unions working in the service industry. These are also the people that I’ve represented for the last ten years in the Senate district, including 94% of North Las Vegas. During that time, I walked through the joys and sorrows. And regardless of the negative side, I love the people. They’re good ordinary people who want to live, have a good life with their families, and keep that piece of their dream.

Question: With the strip taking more recognition, what are some of your biggest challenges for the constituents in North Las Vegas?

Senator Spearman: The most significant challenges are affordable housing, stability, food security, and employment. Then the more mature part of North Las Vegas is in danger of being obliterated as it’s been chosen to build warehouses and storage units. There are also tensions between law enforcement.

That part is very historic because it was around during the time of segregation. It was the only place where black and brown people could live. Now, these neighborhoods are inhabited by second or third-generation people.

Question: As a senator now eyeing the Mayoral position, how can you balance growing the city and promoting its economy and development to those who need it most?

Senator Spearman: I want to build on the relationships I’ve established in my years in the Senate. That way, I can further build on a comprehensive vision that brings in other people with their aspirations. We can

discuss what we can do, distill it into something realistic, and then work! The businesses, advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, and sustainable development innovation that we bring into North Las Vegas can become the tech center for the West Coast. We can do that.

We can’t let perfect be the enemy of good. There must be development, but it should be strategic and considerate of the neighborhoods and their community.

Question: From the election back in 2016, what can you bring from that experience to this year’s election and win as Mayor of North Las Vegas?

Senator Spearman: We can’t be complacent. We must look and see what is at stake. Every neighborhood in North Las Vegas will be respected, not neglected. It means economic diversity for everybody, creating an ecosystem where all kinds of businesses (small businesses, emerging businesses, women-owned other minority-owned businesses, etc.) can grow.

To win as Mayor would also mean looking at every vacancy in city hall in city government and saying, “let’s cast a wide net because it’s important for us.” People looking at a city governor must see a mirror, not a window. This person must be a representative of them, so being Mayor of North Las Vegas means that the leader must join the team of fighters fighting for justice. It means inclusivity; there’s not been a black woman in office who’s also a part of the LGBTQIA community.

Diversity is also a strength. We’ll constantly fight and be committed to having proper representation and equity in the US and the world.

Senator Pat Spearman intends to make everyone’s voices heard. Through her past experiences, she’ll never compromise anyone’s livelihood to better another. There’s always going to be a middle ground in every situation, and although it can be a struggle, she’ll make sure to find it.

Because that’s what great leaders do – your efforts won’t disappoint you if you believe that anything is possible to achieve.

For more on Senator Pat Spearman:

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