‘Get What You Want’ With The OG Influencer, Julie Solomon

by | Jun 21, 2022

While the term Girl Boss is dated – the phrase is still relevant to the hustle and bustle of young female entrepreneurs everywhere. Julie Solomon is a household name in the influencer realm, now known as the modern word for an impresario in the 21st century. She was one of the first ones that broke into the scene and there is no stopping her from expanding.
Solomon’s early years post-graduation was in the music industry, where she worked as a publicist representing top musicians and thought leaders such as Lenny Kravitz and Dave Ramsey.
When Julie was fired by a PR client, this triggered an intense break out of hives for a week, and that is when she realized how working without a purpose was negatively affecting her.
That was when the magic lightbulb turned on – Why not teach clients how to master the skill sets needed to take a personal brand idea and turn it into a profitable, sustainable business?
Known for creating and hosting The Influencer Podcast, Julie imparts her wisdom in navigating the landscape of branding and digital sales. In 10 years, she built up her bold type no-frills approach with unmatched resolve. The course offers real-time coaching, straight talk, and conversations about business growth and personal development to her millions of listeners worldwide. Now, she ventures into another aspect of great PR by penning down her new book, aptly titled – “Get What You Want!.”
Solomon stated that the book’s core message is for people who are tired of being told just be yourself and teaches you how to shake off outdated ideas of what is possible and use your newfound belief to make anything you want to happen. Most importantly, it gives you the confidence to love and accept yourself you become unstoppable.

Solomon stated that the book’s core message is for people who are tired of being told “just be yourself,” and teaches you how to shake off outdated ideas of what is possible and use your newfound belief to make anything you want to happen. Most importantly, it gives you the confidence to love and accept yourself so you become unstoppable.

Mr. Warburton Media’s Beauty Director, Robyn Newmark chats up with Julie for an exclusive interview on how she built her empire and positioned herself for long-term success.

Robyn: At this point in your career you coach on so many topics, but what was your first course, and how did this all get started for you? 

Julie: I created a course called Pitch It Perfect back in 2016. Since then, it had many makeovers but that was the beginning of my career when it came to teaching/coaching women in an online capacity. Back then, there were no courses that were teaching people how to build and monetize a brand.

Robyn:  When did you step into being a social influencer online? 

Julie: I established myself as an online brand in 2014 when I started a blog. At that time, we were called bloggers. Nowadays, we are called influencers or content creators, the course gave me credibility. In 2017, I started the “ The Influencer Podcast” and it took off which launched me to a new level as a coach and strategist. The podcast became a resource for people who wanted to build branded content as influencers.

Robyn: The online space can be such a scary place. You’ve said in your YouTube videos to follow your fear for success. Is that the key to getting what you want? 

Julie: I made those videos a long time ago but that idea still stands strong. A lot of times we wait to be ready to make the first move but the truth is we need to do it to take the first step. So for example, if I waited to start a podcast, it wouldn’t happen.
The business would not be what it is today. I was starting the podcast even though I know what I was doing or how to do it perfectly. The same thing with YouTube when I was putting up those videos. I had no understanding of lighting and production in all of those elements, but I did have something to share and that alone was enough. So sometimes you just have to follow your fear before you’re ready.

Robyn: Who are your mentors?

Julie: That is something that is growing and evolving. I remember when I first started in the online space and I was looking for mentors, women who had created online courses and done the things I wanted to do. Following women such as Amy Porterfield and Marie Forleo helped me discover others like Brene Brown and Gabby Bernstein who talk more about the deeper levels of the emotion that comes with any kind of growth. Some of those women have now become friends of mine and I still really look up to them.

Robyn: The online space is quite saturated with coaches now. So how do you continue to stand out in a world that is now full of coaches? 

Julie: You need to remember that the cream of the crop will always rise to the top and to stop feeling the need to compare. Because if you are good they can’t ignore you. Skills will always trump passion, keep that in mind. This is why it is important to keep refining and honing your skillset for that.
That is what allowed me to still be here after all of these years and to keep leveling up and creating something that people find interesting, impactful, and supportive in life.

Robyn: Your claim to fame was your course called “Pitch It Perfect”. How important is it for the average business owner to know how to pitch their business, whether they want to be online or not? 

Julie: You know, pitching is such an important skill set in our lives. It is not just something to use when you want to sell something or if you’re in business. I’m constantly pitching my kids on what I want them to eat. As a wife, I’m constantly pitching my husband on things. The reality is, we are pitching people our perspectives, values, beliefs, thoughts, and opinions, with the hopes to get them on board with our vision. That is why the program “Pitch It Perfect” has been around for a while because it helped thousands of people transform their lives.

Robyn: you are about to launch your first book “Get What You Want!” Can you tell us a little about it? How is launching your first book different from any other project you’ve launched? 

Julie: No matter if you are launching courses or a book, product, and makeup line. You need to have a plan and keep looking at the metrics while leaving room for adjustment.
I will say the big difference between launching a book and a program is the following — If you are the owner of the program, you can set the parameters of when you launch.
The other difference is from a book is that it lives on forever. So there is no sense of urgency to hurry up and get it because it’s going to be out forever.
It just takes a different type of strategy, it’s about building the awareness of the message,idea author, credibility and level of expertise. A program launch may only last 10 days or a few weeks; you’re only marketing it for, you know, six weeks. On the other hand, with a book, you are never done launching it.

Robyn: What inspired you to write your first book on this topic?

Julie: This idea of being able to get what we want was something that served as an inspiration to me. At this point in my business, I have talked to thousands of women who don’t think that they can get what they want. Every single time I have these conversations come up, it is always rooted in these core belief systems that they have about themselves. This message is important after the pandemic because many felt disconnected from other people and their community. The tools that I shared became the answer for me yet I know they can inspire others.

Robyn: What did you learn about yourself during this process of writing your book? 

Julie: I think the biggest thing that I learned about myself through it is to keep things simple by learning to trust myself in a way that I never have before. I learned to trust the process and that everything will work out for me.

Robyn: You’re a mother, a brand builder, an entrepreneur, a wife, and your husband’s a celebrity. You are often in the public eye. So what is the key to growing your community online while also having the balance of privacy? 

Julie: That is a great question. I tend to be a private person. While I will share certain aspects of my personal life on social media. I would also be the first to tell you that there is a lot that I don’t want the whole world to see. Social media is not a safe space to share all of your darkest secrets.
I feel that social media can be a very reactive space for so many of us. It is set up for us to react and consume things. We are never sharing from a healed place if we are simply reacting.
While the pages of a book did feel very safe for me it allowed me to keep my vulnerability. However, I believe in pausing and taking a moment to get to the other side rather than sharing from a healed place on social media. I think that’s fantastic and that’s how I keep balanced.

Robyn: What would it be if you could go back 10 years and give yourself business advice? 

Julie:  My first advice would be don’t spend more money than you have. That was a hard lesson l learned. I would’ve told myself to get really specific and know you can’t be everything to everyone. Ask yourself, who specifically do you solve it for? And what could you create that solves that problem for them, that they would happily pay you for?

Robyn: That is great advice, Julie. you have accomplished so much in such a short time. What fear do you want to follow next? 

Julie:  Yes. I think the fear that I plan on following next is just believing in my ability to create more impact on a more mass scale. You know, I’ve spoken on stage for a long time. I’m continuing to do that.  So it’s this fear of do I really have what it takes? Do I have something that’s interesting and valuable?

Going back to those stories that we tell ourselves that keep us small. And so for me, it is really shedding that old story and breaking out of that and just leveling up to this new level of impact that is an ability that I can create if I choose to step up and come up to the plate. And reprogramming to this next level and believing in myself enough to be able to do that.

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EIC: Derek Warburton Article and Interview: Robyn Newmark  Edited by: Cyan Leigh Dacasin Photos: Kara Coleen  Glam: Emma Willish


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