Groundbreaking Motivational Artist Billy Alsbrooks Blessed and Unstoppable World Tour

by | May 11, 2023

Billy Alsbrooks is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, coach, poet, and author who has helped thousands of individuals and organizations unlock their full potential. Dr. Alsbrooks specializes in personal development, mindset, goal-setting, and overcoming obstacles. His motivational messages have been streamed by over 70 Million Viewers to date. Now, after two decades of experience, he embarks on a world tour to speak to audiences about his past, present and unstoppable journey to motivate the world to achieve their life goals. 

Billy is an former billboard charting music artist, award-winning poet, and author of the top-selling book Blessed and Unstoppable. He was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities for his positive impact across the globe. In every venue he speaks, his magnetic voice, delivers a profound impact with thought-provoking words that galvanize the very foundation of every venue. This is why NFL Teams and major corporations all over the world pay Billy to come speak to their organizations. He has an infectious energy entangled with ferocity and compassion. Allowing him to deliver an awe-inspiring message that instills hope, mindset shifts, and instantaneous breakthroughs to his listeners.

In today’s world many are influenced by the likes of unattainable lifestyles and wealth dictated by social media. Now more than ever the idea of being successful is not only a sought-after goal but the necessary work to reach the top is almost void of discussion. Billy Alsbrooks not only knows this but has experienced it first-hand, and he has written a book that can help you achieve success equipped with the necessary life tools and resources to become unstoppable. Blessed And Unstoppable: Your Blueprint For Success is full of powerful messages, quotes, and workshops to discipline and inspire you to achieve your dreams.

Billy Alsbrooks, Jr., better known by his stage name White Dawg, was a former American rapper, hit songwriter, and music producer. Billy grew up in Florence, Alabama, the son of a Muscle Shoals Sound Studio guitar player named Billy Alsbrooks Sr. and Terrie Fleming, both of whom worked as musicians. In 1989, he relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Billy studied both music and video business at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. Early on, Billy was distributing his music by giving out tapes at a local record store, Kotam Stereo, in the Oakland Park flea market. From there he began spinning records at the Jam Pony DJs.  However, in 1999, Paper Chasers Records released his debut national full-length album, “Thug Ride”, which featured his single “Restless.” Restless reached #18 on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart and was highlighted as the Best Sales Gainer.

After his father’s death in late December 2007, Billy’s perspective on life was no longer the same. Something in him shifted and he found himself pursuing a different calling. A calling that led him to first author the book Blessed and Unstoppable: Your Blueprint for Success in 2016, and later becoming a powerful motivational speaker.

Blessed and Unstoppable tour landed in New York City at the Hilton Hotel on April 25th, 2023. Contrary to most world tours with huge audiences, press, cocktails and music. Billy opted for an intimate setting. A small group of press and fortunate guests were invited to experience the true essence of the motivational speaker in a five hour workshop. His thunderous voice resonated through the room as he shared his personal journey from top-selling hip hop artist to leading people to their calling. From the uphill battle of super stardom to years of depression and anxiety to motivational speaker, Billy left nothing on the table. His vulnerability and transparency left the audience transfixed on his message. In a black t-shirt, fitted cap and denim jeans, Billy was authentically himself, giving the group a sneak peak into the blueprint on how they too can fall into alignment with their life goals.  

Anyone in that room would attest to BIlly’s Alsbrooks charismatic ability, to deliver an undeniably powerful message. Guests had the opportunity to purchase the book,  paraphernalia, and get a photo with the motivational guru. At a time when uncertainty is at its highest, Billy Alsbrooks blueprint offers a sense of security, a grounding perspective on life. His quotes leave an impressionable footprint on your mind and in your heart. “Let nothing derail your progress. To be successful, you must find ways to stay consistent even when drama, chaos, or unforeseen circumstances arise.”

Billy Alsbrooks Blessed and Unstoppable tour 2023 is ongoing. Check his website for tour dates and events:

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