Grow Out of Your Traumas: A Freeing Take on Cristina Dam’s New Release “Liberate Yourself”

by | Sep 17, 2022

Healing from self-negative talk or any trauma inflicted on you has never been an easy journey. No matter how old we get, it never gets easier. Perhaps, living through it does feel that way as we let time be our healer. But to fully forget and move on without pain that’s a shot in the dark.

However, healing through those rough times is still possible. And if only we allow ourselves to do it, we’d be able to improve our mindsets, how we live our lives, and find hope in the future. Famous hypnotherapist turned best-selling author Cristina Dam is one main contributor to making this outcome happen. It’s all thanks to her new book, “Liberate Yourself! How to Accept Your Past, Let Go of Judgment, and Live the Life of Your Dreams”. This knowledge-filled book urges readers to deeply search their inner core issues that bothered and affected massively. 

Since these issues contribute to how we perceive the world, this award-winning book allows them to comprehend themselves more and eventually learn how to face and overcome them. Doing so gives them the tools to transform and grow into mature versions of themselves. Because it can simply take one negative thought or occurrence in one’s life to create a ripple effect, in which things worsen after every ripple. 

Due to our keen interest, Gurus Magazine held a mini interview with the author to get a more vivid glimpse of her mind and perspective on life which eventually brought life to the book.

Gurus Magazine: What inspired you to write “Liberate Yourself”?

Cristina Dam: Over my years helping thousands of people transform their lives and navigate through pain and struggle, I pondered on what exactly myself is the root cause of an individual’s unfulfillment. The answer I came up with is the inability to be their authentic self. 

Afterwards, I created a process that I lead clients through to reprogram, release, shift perspective and embrace their true essence free of judgment and pain. This process became remarkably effective and a guide for every patient I had. Although I also had other business ventures and lacked the time capacity to continue to attend as many sessions, I wanted to be able to help as many people as possible still. 

Thus, the idea to write “Liberate Yourself” and provide a step-by-step process for individuals was born so they can heal, shift and transform from whatever held them back and caused them pain. All while expanding the possibilities they can have in life.

Gurus Magazine: Can you give the Gurus Magazine readers a synopsis of who you think would most benefit from reading the book?

Christina Dam: Liberate Yourself is a book for anybody who wants more satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness in their life. However, most people would find it most beneficial during hard times (times of grief, transformation, or when you’re feeling disconnected from life and yourself). It becomes a tool for shifting perspectives and mindsets and letting go.

Gurus Magazine: What factors can restrict a person from liberating themselves? How do they figure out what to liberate their life?

Cristina Dam: One major factor is programming one’s unconscious mind. Much of this programming happened when you were a young child, which is deeply rooted that you may have difficulty figuring it out. But trust me, anything is possible. One in which you can program your mind and, in turn, your life for your true heart’s desires. Outside of the book, I’d recommend reflecting on your life, especially on the most unfulfilling areas and observe any patterns that hinder you from growth.

Gurus Magazine: Day in and day out, we see people losing their loved ones because of depression and other non-physical factors. How can people help their loved ones who are struggling?

Cristina Dam: I’d recommend getting them out of their current environment so that you can help break their repetitive state. and seek one on one help with professional talk therapy.

Gurus Magazine: What are some takeaway tips that can elevate and liberate your life?

Cristina Dam: Remember that small steps and changes add up to new miles and new pathways for us. Everything has a season, and when we push ourselves to grow, we start to invite and encourage shifts and changes instead of becoming overwhelmed by them.

Cristina Dam aims to guide people on various life paths to transform into better versions of themselves. Wherein no matter your past, healing can occur within anyone if they’re brave enough to take that step.

Written by Marielle Balmores

Styled by: Derek Warburton | MUA: Justin St. Clair  | Photographer: Filbert Kung

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