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by | Feb 28, 2023

Robyn NEwmark Hollywood Beauty Guru

As the seasons change, so should your skincare regimen! Here’s your year-round treatment guide:

Whether or not you notice, the changing weather hugely affects the appearance of our skin. As a Hollywood beauty guru, I understand the importance of adapting our skincare routine to the elements and activities of each season.

Despite being creatures of habit, it’s actually beneficial to change up your skincare practice to keep it looking its best! Read on to find out the best ways to adapt yours.

SUMMER: Protect

Summer— sultry, sizzling sun. Before you rush off to work on that tan, make sure you’re all covered with SPF. The sun is the number one cause of aging, and overexposure can lead to skin cancer. During this season, SPF and vitamin C are absolutely essential. Antioxidants such as green tea, aloe, and vitamin E help soothe sun exposure and burns. Make sure to stay away from hydroquinone products, peels, and retinol, as they can cause further damage when coupled with sun exposure. Remember, sunscreen is king; everything else is queen!

woman applying facial serum

FALL: Brighten

As the weather begins to cool down and change, fall is for brightening, also known as “peel season”. After long days in the summer sun, many of us have extended sun damage: more freckles, brown spots, and uneven skin. This is the time for deeper exfoliation to reveal a beautiful new glow. Chemical peels are a great way to give your face a fresh start by removing all residual sun damage— eliminating brown spots and brightening the overall complexion. Peels also improve the texture of acne scars and help tighten skin, minimizing wrinkles. During fall, I highly recommend seeking out your esthetician to choose a peel to refresh your skin. If you decide to go the DIY route, this is a great time to introduce retinal hydroquinone and glycolic peels into your routine. A good peel is almost like a rebirth for your face, peel wisely.

asian woman applying mask

WINTER: Hydration

Once it starts to get chilly out, it’s key to incorporate hydration and protection products into your everyday skincare habit. Keeping your fresh skin covered in SPF is necessary to come out of peel season.

Since the days become darker quicker and aren’t as bright, people often forgo sunscreen, which inevitably causes more skin damage. Even if it looks bleak out, don’t reduce your sunscreen application because UV rays are always present and highly detrimental. Also during this season, our skin typically produces less oil and can lead to dryness. The remedy? Hydration. Products with hyaluronic acid, serums, and facial oils are lifesavers during winter. Another great way to cozy up during this season is to do hydrating masks at home. This time of year, I enjoy hot baths and essential oils to keep my skin hydrated and nourished.

SPRING: Rejuvenate

Spring feels like fresh starts — renewal and regeneration. This is the time to give back to your skin. Allow your skin to bask in treatments like vitamin C infusions, antioxidant-rich facials, fruit masks, and enzymes. Regenerative therapies such as human growth factors will help repair the skin’s barrier and deliver the proteins it needs for an autoimmune response. You can also explore micro channeling and other collagen induction therapies to tighten and firm. It’s crucial to take this season to build up our skin’s immunity, tighten its elasticity, and give it all the nutrients it needs, especially after a winter beating.

No matter the season, it pays to stay informed and proactive so you can always put your best face forward.

For more of my seasonal skincare tips and product recommendations, visit or contact me on Instagram @getnewmarkbeauty for more advice.


Written by Robyn Newmark | Edited by Erica Tolentino

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