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by | Jun 11, 2024

Southern Debutante-turned Beverly Hills socialite, Sutton Stracke is the fan favorite star of the hit television series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In addition to starring on RHOBH, Sutton also owns a boutique in West Hollywood aptly titled SUTTON which is a complete lifestyle brand. Sutton also made her acting debut playing herself in the scripted series Chucky on the Syfy Network.

Born in Columbia, SC, Sutton was raised in Augusta, Georgia by her Architect father, Psycho-therapist mother and one brother. Both sides of Sutton’s family hail from the South since the late 1600’s and she considers herself a ‘True Southern Girl.’ While she keeps an estate in Augusta, GA (and an apartment in NYC), Sutton considers Los Angeles her home. It is in LA that Sutton is raising her three children: Porter, Phillip, and James from ex-husband Christian.

Growing up, Sutton attended the John S. Davidson Fine Arts High School and then Converse College in Spartanburg, SC where she received a BA in Political Science. Working as a dancer, and dance teacher after graduation, she worked for the Augusta Ballet and then the North Carolina Dance Theatre in Charlotte, NC where she was a choreographer and won Best Young Choreographer in 1995. Sutton moved to NYC where she worked for Merce Cunningham Dance Company as Studio Manager before becoming the Director of Development. From there she moved back to Augusta to become the Executive Director of the Augusta Ballet Co.

SUTTON, Sutton Stracke’s West Hollywood boutique unveils exquisite pieces in categories across designer fashion and accessories, fine art, gift items, and decor, adored and hand-picked with love by Sutton Stracke. The concept is an always changing, enticing offering of brands with limited distribution or unique pieces. Her newest branded line for SUTTON consists of a collection of cashmere and pajamas come in a multitude of colors and styles and are available for purchase in store at her West Hollywood boutique SUTTON and online. SUTTON is proud to be a leader in sustainable fashion with their new green line as well as the launch of SUTTON Circular Fashion House. Recently, SUTTON announced the partnering with their first designer, Cynthia Bailey, as part of SUTTON brands.

Who is the true you?

I am most comfortable in jeans and sneakers at home with my animals and all three children. Or with my friends playing darts, singing karaoke, and in minimum makeup. I like a simple life.

What is your passion? 

My real passion is raising three beautifully caring and focused children. Motherhood surprised me, but it became my passion before all others. A selfless act, it comes with pure joy and gifts.

When do you feel the most authentic?

I try to be authentic daily. This can be difficult in Los Angeles, so staying true to who I am, where I come from, and my core values is essential to my well being. I feel the most authentic on my porch at home in Augusta with my oldest friends and family.

Why is it important for YOUR voice to be heard?

People love to judge a person based on looks, accents, and generational bias. As a blonde southern-belle, it is important to me to be loud in my – perhaps surprising – opinions about the world. I believe deeply in civil rights, in ensuring that we all life safe, equal lives with opportunities to grow, work, and love the way we want. I would much more desire to be a part of the solution than the problem. I learn from my neighbors daily, open to others difficulties, and how I might be able to use my voice, my platform to help make a change for the better.

Sutton Stracke - #30Voices30Days White Dress

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Photos: Josh Fogel

Photographer’s Assistant: Christian Raices

MUA: Skyla Sutton

Hair: Mellissa Brown

Necklaces: Aumaro Gems


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