The Godfather of Giving – Inside Look at GBK Brand Bar’s CEO, Gavin Keilly’s Grand Vision for The Suite Life

by | Nov 7, 2022

The inner circle of Hollywood is privy to many things that the public only gets glimpses of in small soundbites, reserved for the sanctuary of secret studio meetings and late-night Sunset Boulevard rendezvous captured by the likes of TMZ. 

But one man tapped into this secret world uniquely, glorifying the game and making Hollywood even more glamorous and approachable for brands and charities to meet the “Stars”.

GBK’s CEO, Gavin Keilly, is the Midas with the Golden Touch for Gifting. Some call him “The Gift Bag King.” This gentleman, who is synonymous with the synergy of Tinseltown, is a credible philanthropist. He has used a massive network of stars and power players in the entertainment industry to create a platform that promotes change and harmony worldwide. It’s why he is more of a connector who passionately cares about people and persistently supports charitable foundations. His events will match a product to a celebrity in an elegant setting before significant award shows. Within this space, he also has non-profits present, to which he donated countless products and funds to.

“We have proudly raised funds for over 50 causes. Over the last 20 years, with the help of our brands, we have donated over $10 million”, the CEO states about his work with such organizations as Make a Wish Foundation, Educating Young Minds, Food on Foot and many others. “In addition to the funds we raise, we have helped bring tremendous awareness. These causes don’t naturally engage with celebrities and the press, so we teach them to do the following when they meet. ONE: Educate them about the excellent work they are doing to make a difference. TWO: Ask if they support the work that the organization is doing. THREE: Ask the celebrity to help by being on their board or attending one of their fundraisers.”

Keilly is “The Godfather of Gifting” or “Giving”. What he has done in just a couple of decades is something that has been imitated by many. Still, only the CEO of GBK has the extraordinary skills to make it worthy for all that are lucky enough to get involved, especially the Brands. 

“I always like to say that my events are a win, win, win, win.” He reflects on his style, which everyone wins. This is a refreshingly modern approach that also produces billions of media impressions for brands. “The brands especially win because they’re able to engage and educate the celebrity and press about their product, all while getting that coveted photo with the celebrities, that they can use in numerous ways, including, but not limited to social media.”

Having worked with the likes of Fortune 500 companies to Oscar-winning actors such as Viola Davis, Helen Mirren, and numerous others. His notable reputation stands out as the leading force in matching brands with celebrities as well as organizations that help benefit everyone, from children to people without housing to those struggling with cancer.


An entrepreneur can participate in a new product or one that needs a boost in sales, assuming GBK accepts them. They can then attend one of the star-studded luxury events which occur before the Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammys, Teen Choice Awards, BET Awards, New York Food & Wine, Art Basel, Cannes Film Festival, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and many more. When you attend one of his high-profile events, you are there to celebrate the most beautiful days in the industry. Big brands and mom-and-pop shops come into his suite and have their dreams and expectations met in luxurious style when they allow the host with the most to introduce them to the true trendsetters of the world. Many garner a spokesperson or a deal with a major retailer from participating. There is typically a minimal fee to participate, but one always generates a minimum of 10X Return on their investment in press generated.

 He has always understood the power of fusion that makes everyone involved win big. This shows with his first event, where he helped Sharon Osbourne start her Colon Cancer Foundation, honoring Justin Timberlake and Elizabeth Taylor for their work in the community. He had the Prince of Darkness (Ozzy) put a Baume and Mercier watch gifted during the party in his mouth for a photo opportunity.

 In 2022, Keilly finds himself with even more loyal followers in his kingdom of kindness and plenty of reasons to celebrate. Last September, he received the Be Great! Humanitarian Award from Be Great! and Create Impact for his great work with numerous charities over 20 years.

Keilly was nominated by over 200 candidates, and they recognized him for creating a positive impact and fostering solutions for social issues.  He was amongst many rousing and inspirational leaders, such as the Founder of E! Entertainment. As Keilly received his award, he called his long-time girlfriend Tara-Jane Flynn to the stage and proposed to her in front of 400 people, with her saying yes. He looks forward to making more of an impact with her by his side.

GBK Brand Bar now operates and curates a high-end, bespoke brand bar concept exclusively at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel in the heart of West Hollywood, with many local purveyors. This allows his brands to gift talent and press to sell their products to Keilly’s high-profile clients. The lure of the complete form of branding and matching to media personalities is now a glorious affair full of his special magic 365 days a year to all.

If you want to attach a brand to an event such as the OSCARS, you should reach out now, as spots sell out. Shortly, extensions of the brand bar will be at an undisclosed hotel and possibly even a high-profile airport. 

For more information on Keilly and his incredible portfolio of events and new shops, please visit

For our readers only, you can submit your product directly for review.

Written by: Liz Taylor  Photography: David Christopher Lee  

Shot On Location at  The Kimpton


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