A Master Class In Reiki with Jewell House’s Daria

by | Aug 11, 2022

Somewhere between Broadway and Park Avenue, a wellness concept is growing and it is none other than Jewell House New York. The commune’s ultimate goal is to help people create beauty inside and out for better well-being and that’s what they are doing with Reiki master and healer Daria.

Recently, the Japanese art of Reiki -a type of energy healing in alternative medicine has made its way to the global spotlight with practitioners and believers from almost every corner of the world. Advocates of this art use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

While others may call it a cult or a farce, there is no denying that Kundalini Reiki is here to stay once again on the wellness scene as a way to cultivate potential and grow.

Mako Iijima sits down with Reiki Master Daria as we talk about how it all began,  where is her path heading, and trying it out for herself.

Gurus: When and how did you start your Reiki journey?

A: I started studying Reiki around 2001 when the U.S., especially New York City, was in terrible disorder and chaos. By applying Reiki to myself, I was able to calm myself and process what we were all going through.

Gurus: You were certified as a Reiki Master in 2002. From there, you added Kundalini Reiki, Green Tara Seichim, Silver Violet Frame and Access Bars to your practice. Could you briefly explain what they are?

A: Kundalini Reiki is straightforward. Yet it is very powerful. It is said to open your energy channels and centers. Green Tara Seichim is a gentle healing energy that opens the heart chakra and embodies unconditional love. The Silver Violet Frame is friendly energy that frees you from karma and trauma by removing the negative energies of your body, emotions and mind with a powerful purifying light. The Access Bars are for decluttering and calming your busy thoughts. It is useful to begin my sessions with Access Bars to create “space” so that you are more receptive to the healing energy.

Gurus: Amazing! Do you use all of them during your sessions?

A: Not necessarily. I almost always begin with Access Bars, and then proceed with the method that suits an individual situation. I am guided by your body’s energy. A session is always a co-creation between us. Each time, we are surrounded by a different energy.

Gurus: Is there anything I should do after your session?

A: I suggest drinking plenty of water and going to bed early if possible. Many people take their time integrating healing energy during their sleep after a session. For some people, it can take a few days, or even a follow-up session or two could help for it to sink in.

Gurus: By the way Daria, I heard that you are also a macrobiotic chef! Would you recommend a macrobiotic recipe for after your sessions?

A: Sure, if you are interested, I could make a few suggestions based on my knowledge of the yin and yang balance of a healthy diet, which is a core of a macrobiotic idea. Although my choice of food would not be limited to macrobiotic food items.

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Author:  Mako Iijima


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