Bearbottom Clothing Celebrates Summer with Sustainability

by | Jun 10, 2024

“The world of men’s outdoor fashion for summer 2024 is all about individuality, sustainability, and functionality,” says Robert Felder, Founder & CEO of Bearbottom Clothing. “Whether you’re going for a laid-back, casual style or a bold, trendy look, the upcoming summer trends have you covered.”


Summer 2024 Marks a Reign of Sustainable Fashion:

In 2024, brands are presenting options that are not just fashion-forward but also planet-forward. With fashion more conscious of its environmental footprint than ever, trends see a shift toward eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Recycled materials and organic fabrics take center stage, providing both comfort and a smaller carbon footprint. They can offer moisture-wicking traits perfect for the summer heat and durable yet sustainable materials for an active outdoor lifestyle.

“Our all-new men’s stretch swim trunks are a great sustainable choice just in time for warmer weather,” says Felder. “The lightweight, four-way stretch fabric is composed of 90% recycled polyester and 10% spandex.”

In addition to recycled materials, the stretch swim trunk offers 4-way stretch fabric, quick-drying DWR water-resistant treatment, an elastic waistband, and a zero-chafe mesh liner. “We want men to look good in their new swimwear and feel good about their choices, too,” Felder says.


Embrace the Patterns!

Pattern play is a notable trend to watch out for this summer, dotting the fashion landscapes with delightful arrays of florals, camouflage, and abstract designs. From lightweight summer jackets to relaxed trousers and beach-ready shorts, the trend embraces a wide range of garments, lending an adventurous spirit to men’s outdoor fashion in 2024.

What’s more, men’s summer fashion is set to take a bold turn this year, delivering an explosion of vibrant and unconventional colors as pops of neon and pastel hues have started to appear more prominently in outdoor gear. With this splash of color on clothing and accessories alike, summer 2024 trends announce “out with the old, in with the bold.”

“We’re excited about the bold looks this summer,” remarks Felder, “which is why we’ve rounded up vacation wear with a lineup of swim trunks, shorts, and shirts incorporating all-new colors and patterns perfect for this year’s trends.”


The Era of Tech-centric Apparel:

Last but not least, the growing influence of technology can be seen in outdoor gear. Summer is all about outdoor adventure, and this summer’s fashion allows adventurers to go out in maximum comfort.

In 2024, men can expect fashion to marry functionality with smart fabrics that offer sun protection, water resistance, and thermal regulation. Men’s outdoor clothing that incorporates technology will continue transforming the fashion landscape.

“At Bearbottom, we specialize in innovative fabrics that prioritize comfortable fit and a full range of motion,” notes Felder. “For example, our line of best-selling tech tees is constructed with antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and high-stretch fabric. No matter your outdoor adventure, they are designed to offer maximum fit and function.”


2024 Summer Trends for Mens Outdoor Shorts:

When it comes to men’s shorts, active lifestyle and sporty trends will remain prevalent this summer. Athletic shorts with bold branding, technical materials, and sport-inspired designs will be a must-have for casual, everyday wear.

Comfort is key for men’s shorts in the summer season, meaning lightweight materials with breathable qualities will be highly sought after. Men can also expect to see loose, relaxed fits for extra comfort.

The utilitarian trend is a staple in men’s shorts that has only grown in popularity over the years, and the prevalence of multi-purpose utility shorts is set to continue for 2024. These shorts are not only practical with added pockets and zippers for storage but also incredibly stylish.

“At Bearbottom, our best-selling run shorts offer comfortable 4-way stretch fabric and an elastic waistband,” Felder remarks. “We use lightweight and breathable high-performance fabric that utilizes moisture-wicking and anti-microbial material to offer ultimate comfort and a great athletic fit. Plus, built-in phone pouches in each pocket and reflective strips for extra safety make them even more usable.”

Men’s outdoor fashion trends for the summer of 2024 are a thrilling blend of classic aesthetics, conscientious material selection, daring patterns and colors, and functional technology. From trending styles that look to history for inspiration to the future-forward eco-friendly and tech-centric fabrics, the summer of 2024 welcomes diversity in outdoor fashion like never before. 

“With Bearbottom, you will be sure to turn heads on your next outdoor adventure,” Felder attests. “In every season, our mission is to give you the clothes that let you think less about what you’re wearing and more about what you’re doing!”

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Bearbottom Clothing Celebrates Summer with Sustainability

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