Carmen Electra – #30Voices30Days

by | Jun 4, 2024

Carmen Electra, a name that speaks for itself. Ever since her self-titled album was released in 1993, Electra has risen to be nothing less than a pop culture icon. From Baywatch to Scary Movie to her incredible music career and so much more, Electra has solidified herself as an international media personality.

When Electra became an integral part of #30Voices30Days, Gurus Magazine asked her the following questions, and this is how she answered them.

Who is the true you?

The true me is someone who’s always embraced the art of reinvention. From my early days as a dancer to my music, I’ve always been passionate about expressing myself creatively.

I’m a performer at heart, and I love to entertain, whether it’s through acting, singing, or dancing. The true me is a mix of glamour, grit, passion, perseverance, and always with a touch of fun.

Carmen Electra PHOTOG: Mario Barberio HAIR: Johnny Stuntz Makeup: Darian Darling

What is your passion?

I have a passion for dance, music, fashion, and all things entertainment. I grew up dancing, it’s always been a passion of mine. It was my entrance to the arts. My dad was a musician and it helped ignite my passion for music. I wrote some music with Prince and even had a song on the shortlist for the Grammys a few years back. I love the creative process involved in acting, dancing, and singing—each brings its own unique thrill. I love fashion and seeing designers create amazing looks on the carpet and during their shows.

When do you feel the most authentic?

Honestly, when I’m home and just chilling, hanging out with friends, laying by the pool, turning on some good music and dancing! I love going to Palm Springs and Hawaii, I always feel so relaxed.

Carmen Electra PHOTOG: Mario Barberio HAIR: Johnny Stuntz Makeup: Darian Darling

Why is it important for YOUR voice to be heard?

I like to be a voice for people who can’t be heard – I’m passionate about empowering others to embrace their own creativity and confidence.

It’s important for my voice to be heard because I’ve had a unique journey in the entertainment industry, and sharing my experiences can inspire and empower others. I’ve faced a lot of ups and downs, and I believe that my story can show people that it’s possible to overcome obstacles and achieve your dreams.

Having a platform also allows me to advocate for causes I believe in, like self-expression, body positivity, and mental health awareness. It’s crucial to use my voice to spread positivity.



PHOTOG: Mario Barberio

HAIR: Johnny Stuntz

Makeup: Ash K Holm

Stylist: Julia Perry

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