Cobble Fish Grand Seasonal Opening

by | Apr 21, 2023

The season for outdoor waterfront dining has arrived! But with prices continuing to skyrocket everywhere you turn, you wonder where you can go to enjoy the breeze with a view, fuel off of good vibes, and mingle like the 90s with affordable eats and drinks.

As if they heard our desires for the good old days, an unpretentious gem located at the heart of old New York City burrowed between the relic ships of South Street Seaport opened its door this week. Cobble Fish’s seasonal reopening at Pier 16 hosted a particular preview party featuring an array of thirst-quenching, rejuvenating cocktails and mouth-watering bites to usher in the season. DJ Chris Willard kept the atmosphere lively and upbeat right on the water. A vibe for everyone who attended and passersby alike.

Cobblefish Opening

DJ Chris Willard – Images courtesy of Daniel Kwak

Whether you work in the financial district, shop at South Street Seaport with family or are single and looking for a place to connect with real people with real conversation, this is your go-to spot. Guests indulged in fresh seafood, innovative cocktails, and live music from dusk into the night. Servers frequently passed by with trays of insanely fresh Mahi-Mahi Fish Tacos, jicama slaw and cilantro lime aioli and the newest menu item, Beef Sliders with Gruyere, Caramelized Onions and Battered Fries with garlic aioli. There wasn’t a morsel of food within arms reach left.

Literally, conversations were put on pause to snag a snack if you were fast enough. Their scrumptious bites paired perfectly with their seasonal drink menu. Highlights included the Impossible Girl with Grey Goose Watermelon, Cintronage, fresh lime, and cranberry. Guests also indulged in Dark n’ Stormy cocktails and  Skinny Margaritas with the perfect amount of tequila and a citrusy kick.

Fish Mahi Tacos – Images courtesy of Daniel Kwak

Cobble Fish, located on Pier 16 at the South Street Seaport, is a now seasonally-opened dining and drinking destination serving excellent seafood, summer cocktails and great vibes. In a world filled with complicated cocktails and the desire to post everything on Instagram, Cobble Fish goes a different route, grounded on the fundamentals of why people come out together to dine and drink. The al fresco restaurant and bar strive to provide a hometown feel complemented by everything we loved about NYC in the 90s. It’s a spot to meet friends over a delicious lobster club, cold cocktails and water views.

Images courtesy of Daniel Kwak

The menu is invigoratingly and sensibly priced. From $8 batter french fries with garlic aioli and citrus herb mayo to $16 shrimp po boy with jalapeno tartar sauce on a sub roll. For those true seafood lovers, they offer a decant, moisture-laden calm seas lobster roll for $28, packed with lip-smacking flavour.

Images courtesy of Daniel Kwak

In a clever twist, their menu goes beyond its marine life title, offering vegetarian options, such as a $15 portobello quesadilla and a $12 chopped salad with fried parsnips and artichokes. The nostalgic outside venue has options for the whole family, a ‘cobble kids’ section renders $8 Nathan’s hot dogs, $12 chicken quesadillas and an $11 cheesy dog rollup! Fur companions can join in on the experience if your friend stays on its leash. Cobble Fish is open daily from 12PM to 10PM (later on Thursday-Saturday), weather permitting.

Cobble Fish

89 South St

Pier 16 

New York, NY 10038 


Contact: (212) 210-2997

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