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by | Jun 30, 2024

David Arquette - #30Voices30Days Cover

We are thrilled to feature the dynamic and multifaceted David Arquette in our #30Voices30Days series. An American actor, producer, and former professional wrestler, David is best known for his iconic role as Dewey Riley in the Scream franchise, a performance that earned him a Teen Choice Award and two Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

In this exclusive interview with Editor-in-Chief, Derek Warburton, David opens up about his personal journey with identity and expression. He discusses how creative expression has played a pivotal role in his self-acceptance and sense of belonging. “We are unicorns. People don’t understand our gift,” he says, emphasizing the unique beauty of individuality.

A dedicated advocate and ally, David sheds light on the importance of acceptance and love in the LGBTQA+ community. He shares poignant memories of his late sister, Alexis Arquette. Alexis Arquette, an American actress and transgender activist, was a trailblazer who left an indelible mark on Hollywood and the LGBTQA+ community. Contracting AIDS in 1987, a time when it was considered a death sentence, she bravely came out as transgender and continued her career despite the immense challenges. Known for her iconic roles in films such as “Pulp Fiction” and Adam Sandler’s comedies, as well as her memorable appearance on “Friends,” Alexis demonstrated remarkable resilience and talent. She lived authentically and with humor, paving the way for future generations of transgender individuals. Alexis’s courage and contributions were ahead of her time, coming two decades before transgender people began to gain broader recognition in mainstream media. Her legacy endures, celebrating her shared humor, authenticity, and unwavering spirit until her passing in 2016 due to AIDS complications.

Reflecting on his past, David acknowledges his own demons, admitting he didn’t always stand up for what was right or show grace to those struggling with their identity. His insights into the power of authenticity underscore its crucial role in fostering a strong, inclusive community. David firmly believes that authenticity opens doors and creates opportunities, emphasizing the importance of showing grace and understanding, especially when faced with differing beliefs. Through this self-awareness, David advocates for a more compassionate and accepting world, where everyone is encouraged to live their truth.

Join us for this heartfelt conversation with David, where he shares his wisdom, advocacy, and hopes for a more inclusive society. Through his candid reflections, David calls for healing through joy and authenticity, encouraging all of us to embrace our true selves and support one another in our journeys.

Who is the true David Arquette?

At 53, I still feel like I’m trying to discover and understand myself in this ever-changing world. I care deeply about people and believe that kindness should prevail at the end of the day. I’m a father, an actor, a wrestler, and a clown. I feel most comfortable when I’m surrounded by people I truly trust and who understand me, like my family and friends. 

However, it can be really hard at times. I beat myself up worse than anyone else could, you know? I’m really hard on myself and often ruminate about the past. There’s a side of me that wants to unleash the wild man within.

That’s why I need to keep that part of myself in check, as it is also a part of who I am. This is why I try to get through the day by engaging in activities that are healthy for me.

What is your passion?

My passion lies in my community of friends, where I feel most at home. They are my release, my sanctuary. With these friends, we can joke around, share a look, and just laugh together. I love the feeling of being able to laugh at ourselves, have fun with the world around us, and feel connected. Friends and family are truly my favorite companions. We are unicorns. What makes us special is our ability to show others who we truly are through our work, our words, and our passions, revealing the true gift of our spirits.

I’ve been studying Bozo the Clown extensively. He discovered something profound during an existential crisis: it’s about embracing the Bozo in his heart. By letting the clown out, he aimed to make the world a brighter, sillier, and happier place for everyone. 

This realization led me to understand that everyone is the greatest in their own world, and we are the greatest in ours. If we could treat each other with that perspective, we could create a better world. However, it seems there’s a lot of anger and fear around us. Much of what is happening today stems from fear, which is the opposite of love and aligns with hate. Our mission should be to abolish that mentality and replace it with understanding and compassion.

My passion is also to heal myself and I want to heal others. That’s why I love bringing joy to people’s lives. When people come up to me about “Scream” or some other film they’ve seen, I’m really touched. One of the things I miss most about Alexis is how we could laugh in a way that no one else could. We shared a room growing up, watching ridiculous TV shows like “Jenny Jones” or “Jerry Springer,” and Alexis would make them the funniest shows ever. She was that good, smart and innovative; it was incredible.

When do you feel the most authentic?

I feel most authentic when people truly understand me, but I often feel judged by the world. In our current social climate, we have incredible access to everyone, yet life feels threatening, especially with the LGBTQA+ community under attack. Despite the new laws being implemented, there is also significant progress and understanding, particularly among the younger generation. They seem to grasp these issues much better than we did. Even though I grew up with Alexis, I’m still learning.

When people say “queer” now, it makes me uncomfortable because it was a derogatory term when we were growing up.

But I need to continue learning, you know what I mean? 

There were times when I should have stepped up, especially for others. For example, when I attended Fairfax High School, I remember a specific incident on Halloween. It was a school with many trans students. One time, a student walked out of work dressed up, and it got a reaction from the whole courtyard. To this day, I regret not going up to that person and standing up for them.

There is no denying David has love, respect, and admiration for the LGBTQA+ community. “Growing up with Alexis has taught me so much,” says David. “Loving yourself, whether through art, fashion, or confidence, and realizing there is dignity in standing up for yourself and sharing your voice.”Through his candid reflections and heartfelt stories, David Arquette’s message is a powerful reminder of the importance of authenticity, acceptance, and love. 

His commitment to advocacy and his dedication to fostering a more inclusive society shine through every word. As we wrap up this insightful conversation, it’s clear that David’s journey is an inspiration to us all, encouraging us to embrace our true selves and support one another with grace and understanding.


Photo Credit: Aaron Farrier

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