Design: It’s not that serious. But it does matter

by | May 17, 2023

Our world has become highly technology-centered, especially in our post-pandemic lives. Because of this, the moments we spend together in person become more meaningful. Often we do not know why particular memories stand out in our minds or what makes one moment more special than another. Our lives are built from the memories we create with the people that matter to us. Whether it’s a special moment shared with friends or family, or a milestone achieved together, memories shape our lives and give us something to keep forever. The memories we make with the people in our lives impact who we become and how we interact with the world. Places have the power to evoke memories and emotions in us. We can create a sense of belonging and connection with a space if designed well. Well-designed spaces can bring back memories of places we have been, people we have met, and experiences we have had.


Designer and storyteller Sormeh Rienne knows how to use design to tell a story and inspire meaningful moments. With her international background and ability to recognize the importance of following the story that must be told with each space, she has become known for creating environments that spark conversations and make us feel more connected. It’s all about understanding each room and communicating the personality, history, and story in layered and thoughtful details. The results are spaces that draw you in and make your time in them memorable. The design of a space can have a significant impact on how people interact with each other. A thoughtfully designed space encourages people to communicate, collaborate, and create meaningful connections that can lead to lifelong memories or even innovative ideas and solutions.

Sormeh’s philosophy on design is that it’s not that serious, but it does matter. And it does. It’s proven that people in an aesthetically pleasing environment tend to be in a better mood and experience less stress, which can bridge gaps between people. Ultimately, aesthetics contribute to our happiness by making us feel more connected and content with our surroundings.


Sormeh has designed more than thirty establishments across the United States, ranging in scale from restaurants and bars to large-scale hotels and resorts. Her meticulously curated environments reveal the story of each unique space while respecting craftsmanship and design. She delivers spaces where people can relax and recharge to return to the world to contribute positively.

Sormeh’s projects are anchored in her passion for thoughtful design, bringing her life experiences to inform her understanding of following the narrative of each space she designs. Growing up in Sweden fostered her imagination and curiosity about the world, profoundly informing her work. As a teenager, moving to the United States gave her a deeper perspective on her built environment and the impact and ability of surroundings to create change and positively influence the human experience. “I have always had a unique perspective on my environment, and I knew I would never revert to a surface-level interpretation,” she explained.


Something else shows up in a final design: the authenticity of the partnership with the designer and the client. Sormeh sets the standard that the project and the client must inspire her to take on the design because her approach is all-encompassing and personal. For her, it’s more than capturing the best media photo at the end of the installation. Instead, she takes a moment alone in the space after the installation is complete and thinks about all that went into the project and how it revealed its personality with her as the guide. She also thinks about all the conversations and relationships that will be made in the space, giving meaning to her work. When she leaves for the last time, she turns out the lights and is satisfied, knowing that she stayed true to her mission – Design is not that serious. But it does matter.

For more about Sormeh Rienne:

IG: sormehrienne



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