Ellen Frazer-Jameson & Seven Steps To Fabulous

by | Oct 26, 2021

“One moment of clarity can illuminate a lifetime.”

Ellen Frazer-Jameson is from London, a former BBC broadcaster and national newspaper journalist, who lives in Miami Beach, Florida, overlooking Biscayne Bay and Port Miami, the world’s largest setting sail for exotic locations. She exudes an elegance and style reminiscent of the Oscar winning British actor Dame Helen Mirren.

Ellen says, “I wrote the book Seven Steps to Fabulous to inspire others to upgrade their lifestyle.”

“Fabulous is a state of mind.”


No one is perfect but you can achieve outstanding results by applying effort and refusing to accept limitations. Project yourself into the world with energy, vitality and charisma. Shine your light and bestow blessings. Write the words I AM FABULOUS on your mirror in red lipstick, the bright the better. Repeat the words aloud every day and before you know it, you will believe.

That moment of clarity arrived for International best-selling author and journalist, Ellen Frazer-Jameson over a decade ago. One evening, as she was being driven through the West End of London in a stretch limousine on her way to appear on a popular TV show, she reflected on her life. Ellen was blessed with a career in the media and starred on stage in Britain and America. Her life-long ambitions to be a romantic novelist is being fulfilled.“

Ellen asked herself, “How can I ensure my life is always this Fabulous”? Illumination struck as she put on her make-up one morning. Ellen says, “The driving force was within me. It was time to incorporate all the spiritual lessons I learned, and all the challenges overcome. I wrote in large letters on the bathroom mirror in bright red lipstick, Life is Fabulous. Repeating that mantra is how I start every day”.

Ellen’s passion and excitement shine through as she explains, “That philosophy guides my life, even on days when not everything is going my way. I adhere to the belief that I am a co-creator with the universe.”

Like so many seekers, after a spiritual truth Ellen has read every self-help book, attended retreats and courses, followed gurus, experts, and psychic advisors. I can hear her gratitude for all the wonderful people she has met on her journey. Ellen, also says, “People have guided me to a place where I found answers the big life questions and showed me how to embrace a more meaningful and purposeful way of dealing with reality.”


Be the star in your own life. Project confidence and be inspired. Always dress to impress. On a visit to Monte Carlo, having coffee at the Café’ de Paris, mutual friends introduced Ringo Starr and his wife Barbara Bach. We were joined by their friend a Spanish Princess who graciously invited us to her home. You never know when life will offer a wonderful opportunity – expect the unexpected. Be dressed and ready to shine.

Ellen acknowledges that the choices and decisions she made have led to the creation of her fabulous lifestyle. Her core beliefs are built on faith, hope, positivity, and meditation.

One of Ellen’s favorite quotes is from philosopher Goethe. “Whatever you can dream or do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. “I truly believe,” says Ellen, “Anyone can create a Fabulous life by incorporating and practicing secrets I have uncovered in the Seven Steps. The number seven is sacred and symbolizes mysterious mysteries. By embracing, fabulous you can confidently align yourself and magnify an unseen but undeniable higher power.”


Love produces a positive effect. Bless those you love and those you meet in your life journey. The emotion of love is like a river, it needs to be replenished from the source to keep flowing freely. Be an inspiration. Fabulous needs light to illuminate it. Living in the sunlight of the spirit brings radiance and joy that attracts positive people, places, and things. You do not diminish the light of the candle by sharing the flame.

“The Seven Steps”

(1) Face Facts 2) Be Ageless (3) Bring Riches to Your Life (4) Look Good, Be Passionate (5) Identify Your Dream (6) Make Things Happen (7) Love and Be Loved.

Ellen says, “Life is constantly unfolding. We must put ourselves out there to receive blessings. Fabulous is an inner light, vitality, a desire for life that transcends the mundane. Fabulous lifts you into the spiritual realm – it forges a connection to a magical place. You will emit an inner glow that attracts amazing people situations and opportunities. Claim your right to be fabulous. IT takes Seven Steps and a heart full of expectation and enthusiasm coupled with a spirit of adventure.”

Ellen’s book Seven Steps to Fabulous – Upgrade Your life NOW is available on Amazon.com




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