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by | Jun 18, 2024

Frankie Grande - #30Voices30Days Cover

Broadway star, YouTube personality, and the darling of Pride, Frankie Grande joins #30Voices30Days.

The dancer, actor, singer, producer, and host has solidified himself in the public sphere as an out loud and proud media personality with a heart of gold. He performed on Broadway as Franz in the musical Rock of Ages and was in Mamma Mia! for many years as well as playing various roles Off-Broadway, in national tours, and in regional theatre productions. Additionally, Grande has stepped behind the scenes produced Broadway shows and both produced and appeared in cabaret acts, including his own one-man show “Livin La Vida Grande”.

From there, Grande took on television and film! In 2014, Grande was a contestant on the hit US reality television series Big Brother 16. In 2015, Grande was a judge on the 8th season of America’s Best Dance Crew. From 2016 to 2017, he co-hosted Style Code Live, a live Amazon fashion and shopping show that streamed on weeknights. He also competed in the UK reality show Celebrity Big Brother 18 in 2016, with fellow #30Voices30Days cover star Aubrey O’Day. Grande also guest-starred on Nickelodeon’s sitcom Henry Danger in the role of “Frankini”, and will soon reprise his musical role in the upcoming Henry Danger: The Movie. 

Most recently, Grande is a part of a new audio fiction podcast series called, “Does This Murder Make Me Look Gay?!”. Created by Ted Malawer, co-writer of Amazon Prime Video’s No. 1 worldwide hit, RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE, the podcast chronicles the gay life—and even gayer death—of Vandy Monroe III, a D-list movie director who invites his BFFs (aka his mortal enemies) to his ivy-covered mansion in the country. His weekend quickly goes awry, opening up a “who-done-it” case unlike you have ever seen before. With a star-studded cast of queer icons including Michael Urie, Cheyenne Jackson, Seth Rudetsky, Lea Salonga, and Kate McKinnon – to name a few – this series is sure to be a smashing success.

When Grande joined the inaugural initiative of #30Voices30Days, Grande spoke with founder and publisher, Derek Warburton, about using his voice as a light of hope.

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Who is the true you?

The true me is someone who loves deeply and cares passionately about bringing joy to others. I’m a performer at heart, but beyond the glitter and glamour, I’m a person who values authenticity and connection. I strive to be a loving brother, husband, son, a supportive friend, and an advocate for causes that matter to me. At my core, I’m someone who believes in the power of love and positivity to make a difference in the world.

What is your passion?

My passion is performing and making people smile. Whether I’m on stage, in front of a camera, or connecting with others through social media, I find joy in expressing myself and sharing that with the world. Additionally, I’m passionate about sobriety, mental health advocacy and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. I want to use my platform to inspire and uplift others, reminding them that they are not alone and that their stories matter.

When do you feel the most authentic?

I feel the most authentic when I’m performing – when I can lose myself in a role or a song and connect with the audience on a deep level. But I also feel incredibly authentic in quiet moments with my loved ones, when I can just be myself without any pretense. Those times when I’m laughing, sharing, and being vulnerable with the people who matter most to me are when I feel truly seen and understood.

Why is it important for YOUR voice to be heard?

It’s important for my voice to be heard because I believe in the power of representation and the impact of sharing our true selves with the world. As a member of the LGBTQ+ sober community, I know how vital it is to have voices that resonate with those who might feel alone or marginalized. My voice can offer hope, encouragement, and a reminder that everyone’s story is valuable. By speaking out, I hope to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and spread love and positivity in their own lives. Shine bright like a Frankie!

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