Gita Omri Fall 2024 

by | Feb 13, 2024

On Sunday, February 11, NYFW was treated to the latest collection by runway regular, Gita Omri.  Entitled “…Unclassified”, the collection was an exploration of the designer’s personal journey as an Israeli American. Having grown up in her native Israel and servicing her military service in the Air Force, she has been quite moved in recent months by the happenings in what was once her backyard. “This collection is a reflection of my emotional reaction to the war in Gaza,” states Gita Omri. “I couldn’t help but reflect back on my time in the military in these troubled times.” 

The military inspirations seen throughout the collection were pulled directly from Gita’s experience in the Israeli military during her mandatory service years. For her Fall Winter 2024 collection, she took the hard, utilitarian details commonly found on uniforms and contrasted that with the innate free-spirited softness of the Israeli people. Both aspects of the designer’s heritage hold equally fond spots in her personal, cultural journey.  

The show began with some modern takes on classic fatigues before taking a decidedly sportswear turn into updated takes on blouses, plaid blocked skirts, ombre silk maxi dresses, layering pieces, and coats. Fabrications ran the gamut from scuba knits in pants and tops, to silk charmeuse and georgette, to yarn-dyed Melton plaid coatings, and over printed and embroidered laces, the former of which evoked camouflage in a seriously modern way. 

Gita Omri’s collection for Fall Winter 2024 was no less diverse than in season’s past. Her casting, which included a range talent from a variety of backgrounds, ages, sizes, and even one who expecting didn’t go unnoticed by those in attendance. 

While many looks garnered significant reactions from her enthusiastic audience, it was the jumpsuit and full-length maxi gown covered in cargo pockets of all shapes and sizes that truly were the showstoppers. The pieces were both constructed in a scuba knit printed in the season’s trademark peach and khaki tones. The print was taken from a painting the designer recently completed of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Other colors in the diverse palette included mustard yellow, deep teal green, lavender, mint green, olive, and terra cotta.   


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