Gleb Savchenko – #30Voices30Days

by | Jun 27, 2024

Gleb Savchenko - #30Voices30Days Cover

Descended from a dancer, professional choreographer and dancer most well known for his performances on Dancing with the Stars, Gleb Savchenko joins #30Voices30Days as a consummate advocate and ally.

Little did seven yearly Savchenko know that when he started dancing in an after school program that he would one day be named the National Australian Professional Latin American Champion, guest host Chippendales, and most significantly, appear on over 10 seasons of DWTS. Notably, while at DWTS Savchenko was instrumental in advocating for same-sex couples, and to have true representation on the dance floor. Which avid fans of Savchenko can read about in Mr. Warburton Magazine right here!

When building the inaugural initiative of #30Voices30Days benefitting GLAAD, it was a given for founder and publisher, Derek Warburton, to include this incredible ally’s voice.


Gurus - #30Voices30Days Gleb Savchenko Tank Look

Who is the true you?

The true GLEB is an immigrant from Moscow Russia, girl dad x’s 2, dancer, actor, model — and some say I’m kind of funny too — spreading love and positive energy.

What is your passion?

I am very passionate about Apple Pie, and can’t live without it. If I could tour the world looking for the world’s greatest something, it would have to be an Apple Pie or anything with baked apples. It reminds me of my childhood in Moscow, Russia.

When do you feel the most authentic?

On stage of course, especially when my fans cheer me on and go wild!

Why is it important for YOUR voice to be heard?

I’ve been on national television for 12 seasons of Dancing with the Stars, and with that exposure comes the responsibility to lead by example — especially for my two daughters. Also, I was the first pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars to dance with a man. I was paired with Shangela for Season 31 and we made history. We even won a GLAAD award! That is what makes it important. Not the awards, but the ability to make history and effect change for the better.

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Gurus Magazine presents #30Voices30Days is proudly benefitting GLAAD all month long – please donate here!



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