Jorge Perez – Building a Bridge Connecting Philanthropy and Social Influence.

by | Oct 14, 2022

“No man is an island.” We heard this quote a million times, and it is applicably true in most aspects of life. Science has shown that successful entrepreneurs heavily rely on the power of networking to build and grow. According to author Michele Jennae, “Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.” 

And this is why Jorge Perez’s long-withstanding history in a tough town like Hollywood is a testament to his success as “The Connector.” By dipping his toes into philanthropy and social influence, he found himself in a unique position by creating collaborations with the right people who are always out to make a real difference that pushes the boundaries in today’s ever-changing world. 

As one of Hollywood’s links to the expanding universal eco-sphere of talent, Jorge aims to help commercial artists find meaningful ways to share their creativity with people worldwide.

Jorge Perez sits with Gurus Magazine to talk about his life, work, and passion. Find out more in the Q&A below:

Gurus Magazine: You have worked in many facets of the entertainment, fashion, and beauty industries. From being a television producer and working with A-list talent to being “The Connector” for some of photography’s outstanding talent, what has been the most fulfilling part of your illustrious career? 

Jorge Perez: The most fulfilling part for me is making someone’s greatest dream come true. Years ago, I took on a photographer named Kurt Iswarienko. He was talented and knew how to “light” things like a director of photography. Although he had never shot a big celebrity or brand, I knew he was a star. So I connected him with Brad Pitt for a job, and we did three giant advertising jobs with Brad Pitt for a Japanese cell phone company called Softbank. Even though the jobs made us great money and flew us VIPs to France and Prague, the big reward for me was opening the door for Kurt to explode his career. To this day, I get the most pleasure out of life when I am integral to making someone’s dreams come true.  

Gurus Magazine: You have been called one of the great connectors in Los Angeles. What do you think makes a great connector, and how do you use those skills for good? 

Jorge Perez: I think generosity is the main ingredient to being a great connector. I have an abundant mindset when it comes to people and opportunities. I love connecting with people and having them form relationships with those people, even if I am not part of it. Life has been so good to me, and I want everyone to get what they want. 

Gurus Magazine: Spirituality has been a mainstay in your life practice. How do you feel your studies of Spiritual leaders like Abraham Hicks and Dr Joe Dispenza have made you a leader? How are you sharing those practices through your philanthropic works? 

Jorge Perez: Well, first of all, these days, I feel like the “meditation police.” 95% of the people I meet, I assign a Dr Joe Dispenza meditation to do at home. I am a big believer in meditation and its power to bring peace to our lives. I usually meet someone new, and within 24 hours, I send them guided meditations from YouTube. Honestly, my favorite conversations these days revolve around spirituality and self-awareness. I am also starting a few book clubs around town where we read “Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza (this book has become my medicine).  

Gurus Magazine: You have become a key member and ambassador of the CORE team. What is it, and how have you contributed to its success?

Jorge Perez: I love the work that CORE does. They truly stand on the front lines of every human catastrophe, ready to help. I had the privilege of creating an NFT project for them during Art Basel last year, which sold for $200k. The NFT turned into a bidding war between the winner of the item and Leo DiCaprio. I also helped them sell the charity’s $75k worth of tables that year. So my mindset is how I can be of assistance and trust the passion inside me.

Gurus Magazine: In 2019, you created the Social Networth, where you curate vital influencers to support organizations. What was the inspiration for starting this initiative, and how has it helped the community? 

Jorge Perez: The Social Networth came to me from watching how so many young influencers had so many people following them. I think influencers sit on such powerful platforms, and my idea was to create a vehicle for them to use their voice for good. I wanted them to pivot their voices for causes and help.

Gurus Magazine: The social climate has changed dramatically in the post-Covid era. How do you think that has affected philanthropic efforts locally, nationally, and worldwide? 

Jorge Perez: In my experience, philanthropic efforts have become more critical than ever. The pandemic has also awakened a level of community and passion that we have never felt before. People realize they must take action now because the future is not guaranteed. 

Gurus Magazine: What are some key goals for you moving forward? 

Jorge Perez: My friend Nancy Davis asked me last week: “What do you want to do for a living.” So I paused, and then it came to me. I want to create enough streams of passive income. Once I have my life fully subsidized by real estate, I will use my free time to engage in spiritual conversations about human evolution. Now that’s my ultimate goal.

Gurus Magazine: Gurus Magazine has a 3-word mission statement: TRUTH, PASSION, and AUTHENTICITY. How do you encapsulate that philosophy, and what words would you use to describe your brand and life? 

Jorge Perez: First of all, those are excellent words! I like the idea of 3 words for sure. I think mine would be: Love, peace, and generosity. I think, ultimately, all those three words combined mean love. 

Gurus Magazine: We at Gurus think that the word legacy is becoming increasingly important as we grow deeper into the digital age of social media and passing attention spans. Why do you think legacy is so important?

Jorge Perez: I love what legacy means to me. My parents are now in heaven, and I always think about them. I think of the legacy they left behind and how I am here to continue it. My dad was always funny and the life of the party (I do stand-up comedy). My mom was a life coach and very spiritual (I am a life coach myself). I do think that their legacy lives in me. I am happy about the legacy they left behind and the one I will continue in their honor.  

To know more about Jorge Perez, visit his website at and The Social Networth at

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