Justin Sylvester – #30Voices30Days

by | Jun 17, 2024

Justin Sylvester, co-host of “E! News” – the late-night destination for movie, music, television and pop culture fans – joins #30Voices30days!

Sylvester provides a fresh take on all things pop culture with a comedic and relatable twist. Justin also has a weekly segment on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna, “The Scoop” where he catches the hosts up to the biggest pop culture/trending stories of the week.

Justin is also an advocate and ambassador for the LGBTQ+ community as he has served on the host committee for the Annual Holiday Fundraiser and Summer Virtual Fundraiser for “Camp Lightbulb,” which celebrates LGBTQ+ youth, aged 14 to 18, with magical summer camp experiences.  He is a longtime donor of the Los Angeles LGBT Center and introduced new, dynamic and diverse LGBT voices and stories to NBC Universal. Justin always speaks out to share his story and  to uplift the LGBTQ+ community.

Before joining the E! family, Justin got his start on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” as Kyle Richards’ “ladysitter.” Sylvester has also appeared on national programs including “Today,” “Good Morning America,” “20/20,” “Drew Barrymore Show” and more.

Sylvester sat down with founder and publisher, Derek Warburton, to discuss what #30Voices30Days meant to him.

Justin Sylvester - #30Voices30Days Suit Look

Who is the true you?

I honestly don’t know! I surprise myself with a new facet every few months; a side of myself I never knew. They say you change every seven years … and I am in the middle of my evolution! I am embracing this time and the answers it is bringing me!

What is your passion?

My passion is making people smile! I truly love entertaining and bringing levity when the world seems so chaotic. I will tap dance for that smile until my feet fall off. I think this goes back to growing up gay and using humor as a survival mechanism; Using humor to disarm bullies and to get me through was a life hack I picked up way before TikTok came about!

When do you feel the most authentic?

If you have the pleasure of seeing me at 8:30am, after I’ve had my first cup of coffee… you’ve seen the real me. I love that guy- He’s simple, he’s sexy , he’s funny AF! I wish every single man who’s 6’1 between the ages of 35-47 with a fico of 700+ could see that guy. I’d be the next bachelor!

Why is it important for YOUR voice to be heard?

It’s something I like to call “The Echo Effect”… the echo effect is when you use your voice and 10 more echo back with the same message! I didn’t experience that until I started working at E! and let me tell you – it’s a beautiful thing! Being able to bring light to issues and help others activate for a cause is what makes the fight worth it. I also know that being out and on TV normalizes being gay in places we only fly over. Living in a big city, you forget sometimes there are places that aren’t as progressive. I never want those young men and women to ever feel forgotten or not represented, because I was that boy. It is now my life’s work to empower all.

Justin Sylvester - #30Voices30Days XVII Look

Gurus Magazine presents #30Voices30Days is proudly benefitting GLAAD all month long – please donate here!



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