Los Angeles Based Super Bowl Viewing Party

by | Feb 13, 2024

Director and Producer Jonathan Baker and The Creative Coalition hosted their first annual Super Bowl Viewing Party on Sunday, February 11th at the home of Baker, the famed Mulholland estate previously owned by Warren Beatty, whom the luxurious home theatre is dedicated to. Amongst the 120 guests were a slew of notable film and television industry actors, producers, directors and executives, such as Jonathan Baker, Harry Hamlin, Evan Handler, Richard Kind, AnnaLynne McCord, Kat McNamara, Rob Morrow, Brooks Darnell, Sandra Lee, Jason Kravits, Rachel Boston, Joel Michaely, and many more, co-hosted by Robin Bronk, Creative Coalition Founder, and Creative Coalition President, Tim Daly.

The Hollywood Hills party featured El Cristiano Tequila cocktails from their Silver along with neat pours from XR Extra Reposado and Extra Anejo Black Label, along with Peroni Beer, Casa Luigi Prosecco, Passion Tree Hard Seltzer, Hollywood Vodka, Brothers Bond Bourbon, Essentia water, and Super Natural zero sugar soda.

The lavish catering spread features signature pastas, appetizers and salads from Buca Di Beppo, such as their Spicy Shrimp, Caprese Skewers, Chopped Antipasti, Meatless Chopped, Spicy Chicken Rigatoni, Chicken Parmigiana, Fried Mozzarella, Baked Ziti, and Meatballs, and Cannolis, paired with a sea of delicious snacking items with dips for days such as Gluten Free Penne Straws by Pasta Snacks, Candy Pop Snickers (The official candy of Super Bowl), Cookie Pop Oreo popcorn, and Snack Factory Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps. KC Chiefs and 49ers Team branded custom rice crispy treats by Bella Donna Sweets completed the incredible snack offerings.

Following the halftime show, a fire performer wowed guests poolside during third quarter commercial breaks.

The event was produced by The Influence.


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