Mastermind the Universe with The Journeymen Collective’s Founders, Gary Logan and Rob Grover

by | Mar 7, 2022

The Journeymen Collective comprises of shamanic duo Rob Grover and Gary Logan, who are masterminding the universe with the use of magic mushrooms for the corporate world with their luxury shamanic retreats. Now, these two things may come as a surprise for a lot of people but these days — psychedelics are proving to be one of the most surprising medical discoveries that people are open to using for bettering their state of balance and awareness.

Self-care and awareness go hand-in-hand when it comes to taking care of the overall health that we have. Which is what Rob and Gary discovered as they went on their respective journeys, Now as the founders of The Journeymen Collective, they host luxury shamanic retreats in the breathtaking mountains of Kelowna, Canada. For others, Their initiative caters to entrepreneurs, couples, and professional teams looking to experience self-discovery, increased awareness, and spiritual awakening in an incredible setting.

Gurus Magazine sits down with Rob and Gary as we get their insights on their unique initiative, and staying creative amidst living in a stressful environment.

L-R, Gary Logan and Rob Grover, The Journeymen Collective

Gurus: What made you want to create this initiative from the very first place?

Robert: Great question. I think the biggest thing was that we were looking for, we were sensing that there was the next level within us. And we were guided to take on our own shamanic journey. I went and worked with a shaman in a very personalized way because it was one on one.

I was guided to start training with the shaman to facilitate the work. Both Gary and I, at the time, had been through a bit of depression. His mom lived with us for three and a half years until she passed away four years ago, or more than that, and both of us just felt like there was something within us that wasn’t quite connecting internally. So I went on my journey, and I was guided to take on this work and then Gary went on his journey.

Gary: After seeing the results from Robert, he came back, happier. And as he would say, he found his joy spot, which was happiness that had been triggered back in.
At the time, I said, Okay, maybe I need to go on a journey. I ended up speaking to the shaman. The timing was right because I was spreading my mother’s ashes, celebrating for life for her Knowing that I was going through like a quagmire. I had this cloud around me that was getting in my way from moving forward on where I wanted to go in my life, and I questioned myself about my purpose in life.
So during the process, I became awakened to see that this is the path that both Robert and I should be on. After that, we spoke with a shaman and he agreed to mentor and train us to be where we’re at right now.

Gurus: How many times have you guys experimented with psilocybin prior to creating the Journeymen Initiative?

Robert: Many years ago in university, I experimented with magic mushrooms, and it was more about just kicking back, having a good laugh with friends. And when I actually learned about the sacredness in its medicinal properties that I embarked on its spiritual journey accompanied by a guide throughout the whole experience. Because I came into it with intention, I was honouring it. I truly believe that’s part of why I was able to go deep with my journey.

Gurus: That also leads me to like my next question, because your entire initiative is wholly unique. Who or what inspired you guys to start on this particular path, especially in dealing with professionals who are always in a very stressful world?

Gary: I think the overarching 10,000-foot view is that what we’re witnessing is a significant amount of people have a lot of stuck energy within their energetic field, and they’re not aware of it. So there needs to be a way of clearing the old so that people can connect more deeply within themselves. When people are able to connect more deeply it is when their awareness will expand so that the deeper you go, the greater that you can expand in the outside world.

Robert: We saw that people had limitations in their world. And they weren’t clear on how to get to that next level or they didn’t know they were leaving the business world mindset to embark unto the conscious business world. To differentiate the two –I would say that the corporate business world would be all about profit, whereas the conscious business world is about having a purpose that allows one to create profit.
It’s a purpose that’s in harmony with universal laws. Another part of it answers questions that weren’t on the respective journeys that we had when we were in training – We were shown that the people at the top in CEO executive level, high-end entrepreneurs, need to know that there’s a trickle-down energetic effect that ripples down through reality. It’s easier to work top-down and bottom-up. And so that’s we that’s basically what was shown to us.

Gurus: How do both of you personally manage stress?

Robert: I think it’s daily meditation.

Gary: Yeah and sometimes that can be three times a day. I know a CEO will look at you and go, ‘ Yeah, sure, I can meditate three times a day, that ain’t gonna happen.’ But if you want it to happen, you will make it work.
Meditation doesn’t have to be an hour or four hours sitting on a mountaintop, it could be as we say, go for a walk, get out of your environment, clear your mind, get out and explore, go and quiet down the mind that does put you in that stressful state.
Because, the truth is, stress is self-created. It isn’t something that’s made from the outside. You have to ask yourself the questions ‘ Oh, I’ve created this problem and anxiety in my life. How do I overcome this? What is it that I’m doing that’s getting in my way to moving forward? And this is when they come and work with us. And they sense that they spend time with us just to stop everything by learning how to stop, breathe and come into the heart.

Gurus: There’s always been a lot of stigma surrounding the usage of magic mushrooms, right? How do you make people aware of its benefits rather than focusing on the negative?

Gary: Learn from other people’s bad journeys, as we said, the beginning is like, the work that we do is to guide, which is the most important part of the process, because while you can do it on your own. Who will be there to be you assist you through those difficult times that you think you’re going through or when you go into the same thought pattern that’s coming up, and then you just wake up from the whole thing and going, that was the worst thing that ever happened in my life because there is nobody there to assist and guide you to cleanse the bad stuck energy that is there in your life.

So we highly recommend the guided journey. There are a number of people that are capable of doing this on their own. And you know, getting a lot out of it. The most important thing is, what did you learn from you’re going on your journey and how are you going to integrate it into your life moving forward. So you don’t go back into the old habitual patterns of misuse or dysfunction or dysfunction that are no longer serving you.

I think another big part of all of that is when people attune their awareness to that next level of consciousness. That is when those new ideas start to come in and they don’t just brush them aside, they actually take it on and act upon them immediately. Which immediately leads to access to your next level of consciousness.

Gurus: Yes, Transcendence, right?

Gary: Yes. So I actually feel that way whenever I would. When it comes to these kinds of things l People don’t know that. That journeys like ours exist. they may read Michael Pollan’s book and think, Where can I find someone to guide me? And a lot of people have found us by asking that question, by wondering who would be able to guide and connect them. While seeing if we can fit energetically with them.

Gurus: How do you think can magic mushrooms help with mental health?

Robert: Yeah,  It can help so many people with depression, anxiety and  PTSD. Although, That’s not necessarily our forte. We like to work with people who really want to go to that next level of consciousness.

During the process, even with those clients that we work with, they know there’s another level in that they’re dealing with their mental wellness.

Gary: There is a mechanism that the body breathes even more if that makes sense. I should say that our process compared to others we’re not compared to others. But we are a six-month package. You come on a journey, and you’re part of our collective family forever, it seems because the clients that we dealt with four years ago are still in contact with them today and we never let you go.

In most of society, if you look at people, they are generally trained to react, we help people to respond. And then there’s also those that are also really great at responding already, but we help them refine that response even better with the actual transcendental journey that they go on.

Gurus: Would you guys actually operate on a larger scale?

Robert: We already operate internationally and have clients coming to us on a larger scale, it would come down to our awareness. We would sense it actually aligned with us to go there. Just saying yes to this interview, when we said yes, it felt and sense like it aligned with us.

Gary: We work with one solo up to six to eight. But from the centre, here we accommodate people to come on a journey. And then we have remote sites that we do slightly larger guides – six to eight people in a process.
It’s very personalized and I think that that’s another thing that we’ve been called for — refined energy moving towards specific people.

How do you guys motivate yourselves to keep going despite what’s going on?

Robert: We do our best to ignore the outside world. I’ll touch in here and there. But for the most part, it’s, it’s really, again, it’s it hasn’t been the work. I think if more people really start to tap in and connect by going deeper. Then it’s great.
Anytime that I feel like I got sucked into something on social media. I would ask myself, What am I here to create? start listening to those whispers of your soul. That’s when you start to recognize those ideas that pop up.
One of the most brilliant things that come from this is a lot of people have actually been rerouted to new careers and businesses.

For more on the Journeymen follow:
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Article Written by Cyan Leigh Dacasin | Managing Editor Mr Warburton Media

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