Matthew Campbell Laurenza: The Man With The Golden Touch

by | Jul 27, 2022

 MCL Designs CEO Matthew Campbell Laurenza Shines As The Industry’s Next Jewelry Icon

On a hot day in the busy Asoke district of Bangkok, Matthew Campbell Laurenza, the brilliant mind behind MCL Designs and Jewelry, sits back on a whimsically designed chair at Hotel Clover’s boutique dining lounge in a simple black shirt, fitted trousers, and hair slightly tousled from taking a motorcycle through the notorious rush hour traffic.

With a sparkling smile, Matthew leaned away from the table, and a glimmer of sunlight radiated off the diamond ring on his right hand. Upon careful inspection, you can see etchings on the ring – all his handiwork.

For the past 25 years, Bangkok has been Matthew’s second home. When asked what made him want to switch to Southeast Asia, he said, “Bangkok is blessed because people are content. You have people doing what they love for happiness and combine that with globalization; it’s a booming metropolis with interesting artistic energy that exists with mass commercial needs. It is similar to New York or Mexico City but safe. You can go anywhere at nighttime. You can wear giant diamonds on a motorbike, and nobody will bother you.”

Matthew’s early interest in the decorative arts started at a young age. His parents cultivated this while he was still a child by taking him to museums and flea markets that sold antiques and unique curiosities. Little did they know, this would set the foundation for where he wanted to go.

Eventually, he became an independent artist. According to him, the road at the beginning wasn’t glamorous: “ I studied fine arts in sculpture which gave me the fundamentals of the craft. But believe it, or not first two commissions for sculptures were tombstones.

Matthew was already creating made-to-order jewelry for friends and family. His first piece was an interesting curio with three sterling silver dragonflies. It foreshadowed what would ultimately become his signature style, a blend of decorative arts and sculpture making. What started as his passion turned into a 25-year career and lucrative business at MCL Designs.

We at Gurus Magazine had the incredible honor of interviewing the enigmatic Matthew Campbell Laurenza in Bangkok, where he talked about his creative process, sustainable handicrafts, Objets d’arts, and life in Bangkok. See the video interview below.

MCL Design Official Website: @mcldesign
Matthew Campbell Laurenza Official Website:
Photographer: Harold Mindel @harold_mindel
Stylist: Yachi Gault @neko_babooshka
Hair and Makeup: Mako Iijima @makohairmakenyc
Retoucher: Wojciech Cyganik @abuzzretouch
Hotel Clover Official Website:


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