The Power of Peptides and Why You Should Start Using It

by | Oct 8, 2022

Perfect clear luminous skin has long been sought out for as long as we could remember and each year, a new product comes out with special properties that can battle anything from fine wrinkles, and acne to brightening up a dull complexion.

For others, having a regimented skincare routine helps combat the effects of cystic acne, eczema, and other skin concerns. As a longtime sufferer of eczema and having sensitive/oily skin, I have tried every single product out there to clear out my skin.

And believe me, I  have tried everything from formerly revered holy grail subscription products like Pro-Active and spent quite a bit on expensive trips to the dermatologist. But all of this did nothing to help eradicate it. That is until Peptides started trending, after adding The Ordinary’s Buffet + Copper Peptide serum to my skincare regime, I saw a miraculous change in my complexion.

Peptide serum is a certified mega-booster for the skin because it offers plenty of amino acids that act as building blocks of protein to further nourish the skin. For some people who suffer from acne-prone skin. Peptides are a godsend primarily because it truly helps ease inflammation and improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Keep reading below to learn more about Peptides and why you should invest in peptides for your daily skincare routine.

What is Peptide Serum?

Peptides, aka, polypeptides are chemical compounds that contain a dense amount of amino acids that operate as the building blocks of proteins that the human body requires for optimal functionality.  Due to their ability to provide numerous benefits to the skin, peptides are used in facial serums. Nowadays, plenty of skincare products contain peptides as one of the primary active ingredients

Types of Peptides
  • Copper Peptides: Are known to be one of the most popular peptides used in beauty products for skin and hair. Copper peptides increase blood flow to the hair and skin, which stimulates the flow of oxygen, therefore improving the overall health of skin and hair. Copper is also responsible for the maintenance of hair colour and, in some cases, it can prevent hair from turning grey.
  • Signal Peptides: This is another popular peptide used in beauty products due to its ability to send signals to the cells in various parts of the body in order to accelerate the production of collagen, making the skin look more youthful in the process. You will find this type of enzyme in many facial serums.
  • Enzyme Inhibitor Peptides: These peptides can smooth the muscles in the face and neck areas, helping to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This is accomplished due to the enzyme inhibitor peptide’s ability to suppress the production of a certain protein that leads to wrinkles and lines.

The Benefits of Using Peptides

The wonderful thing about using peptide serums is that they can help your skin look younger and diminish the appearance of blemishes. It helps make the skin more youthful and supple since it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Peptide serum has numerous benefits that aren’t limited to anti-ageing such as:

  • Provides a layer of protection: The skin’s natural barriers protect it from the dangers of UV rays, bacteria, and toxins. However, it can be compromised by exfoliating too frequently or too harshly, exposure to toxins, cigarette smoke, or even inadequate sleep. Peptide serum helps to strengthen its barrier, therefore, protecting your skin from harmful
  • Collagen production: Peptides encourage the skin to promote collagen production. However, as a person ages, collagen production becomes diminished, which is why the skin begins to sag and lines and wrinkles become more prominent. However, with the help of a peptide serum, those wrinkles and lines are filled in, making a person appear more youthful.
  • Increased skin elasticity: Peptides invigorate the skin’s production of collagen, but it also promotes the production of elastin fiber, another protein that is essential for the skin. With the increased production of elastin, the skin appears tighter and firmer.
  • Reduction of inflammation: Peptide serum also soothes inflammation, evens out the skin tone, and repairs damages. So if you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation, peptide serum can be instrumental in balancing your skin’s complexion.
  • Treats acne: Those with acne-prone/ sensitive skin may find peptides incredibly |beneficial because some peptide serums contain anti-microbial properties, which can rid the skin of any acne-causing bacteria.

Does Peptide Serum Really Work?

Over the years, numerous research profiles have been conducted on peptide serums and their ability to effectively neutralize multiple skin concerns, and it has been shown that peptides can help address wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Unlike some other components in facial products,  peptides do not simply sit on the outer layer of the skin. Peptide serums penetrate the deepest parts of the skin.

How to Use Peptide Serum

Peptide serums are fairly easy to incorporate into your regular skincare regimen.  The application of the product on the skin is usually after cleansing, exfoliation, and toner to the face and neck area. After that, apply moisturizer and your daily night cream to seal everything off.

If you have high sensitivity to using new products, you might want to perform a patch test on a small part of the skin before applying the serum to your face and neck area. To do this, apply a small amount to your inner wrist and wait 24 hours. If you haven’t experienced a reaction, then you should be able to safely use it on your face.

When to Apply Peptide Serum

It’s safe to use your peptide serum twice a day but once a day is usually enough. This depends on how often you use it with the skin conditions you’re trying to address, what your regimen was like, and how quickly you want to see the final results. Often, daily use can help you see results faster in 3 months.

Add Peptides to your skincare routine and see its brilliant results for yourself. Using peptide serum has plenty of benefits and using it regularly can help achieve a brighter and more youthful complexion.


Editor in Chief: Derek Warburton | Article: Cyan Leigh Dacasin

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